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Trade your presents for presence this festive season

As you wrap things up for 2018 and put a nice bow on it, it's time to pause and consider how you'll show up and be remembered this year as a leader at work and at home.

We'll no doubt break the record again this year for festive spending with figures predicting we'll spend over 50 billion in Australia. It's great for team morale to have the office Secret Santa and possibly even give out a bonus or two, but what will be remembered most when your people look back at the year, much more than the presents they received, is the sincere thank you gave them for the great work they have done throughout the year. And what they'll probably appreciate more is a chance to simply be in the presence of their leader and colleagues as things draw to close on the official working year.

In the flurry of December where the focus is on wrapping up projects, hitting budgets and getting reports done, there's tremendous value in taking the time to consider how you will show appreciation to your team for all of the effort they have put in this year, and to do the same when you go home by telling the people who are most important in your life how grateful you are for their love and support.

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